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Roll-N-Lock Tailgate Locking System

ROLL N LOCK'S one piece clamp-on track design... eliminates drilling the bed rails on most trucks and reduces installation time as well as perimeter leakage.

Compare ... ROLL N LOCK'S integral tailgate locking system... automatically secures the tailgate without the use of add-on accessories. This patented feature includes a low profile thumb lever for quick, easy positioning or latching without the use of a key.

Compare ... the body of construction of ROLL N LOCK'S "V" Series, a subtly textured fade resistant vinyl, laminated to an interlocking aluminum substrate... eliminates noisy road flutter at any speed.

Roll-N-Lock's body construction sets apart from the competition is not just the superior quality of the vinyl surface material, but also the design of the slatted aluminum substrate which supports the vinyl. Each Roll N Lock slat is rotatively joined by an interlocking hinge. It is this unique contoured hinge geometry that lends Roll n Lock its strength, roll compactness and quiet smooth non-binding movement. Close examination of the Roll n Lock hinge in the flat position reveals the fact that each slat is inseparably locked together, yet when rotated, no metal to metal contact occurs. Hence, Roll-n-Lock's strength of design and smoothness of operation.

Patented feature eliminates the need to drill holes in the bed rails on the vast majority of trucks . Unlike other systems which are only screwed to the down flange of the bed rail, the Roll n Lock system clamps to the main structure of the rail providing a more positive and stable means of connection. This clamping action also serves to compress the track's integral trim gasket to the bed rail surface, reducing the possibility of perimeter leakage and providing a clean termination of track flange to bed rail. The tracks one piece cross-section design, channels water run-off forward to the housing collector or back to the tailgate, further reducing or eliminated perimeter leakage common to alternate two piece assemblies.

Roll-N-Lock's integral tailgate locking system.
While other retractable covers require add on accessories to secure the tailgate, Roll n lock features a patented built-in tailgate locking system as standard equipment on every cover. Like the door of your truck, this system automatically latches when closed and can be locked when absolute security is desired. The fundamental integrity of Roll n lock's system is achieved by its four locking points. Two primary lock bolts engage within the tailgate closure strip. This entire mechanism is controlled by a central thumb lever with key activated locking.

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